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I opened my guitar store, Pittsburgh Guitars, way back in the last century.  Back then we communicated with our customers by transporting actual pieces of paper from one location to another using a company called the US Post Office.

    As the century drew to a close, though, it became apparent that this "internet" thing was going to catch on.  Rather than send actual printed discount coupons, I thought it might be nice to send coupons via email. And thus was the beginning of the Pittsburgh Guitars Email Special.

    As we entered the 2000s, I started to add a few descriptive words to each emailed coupon. Although it wasn't planned, week by week these "descriptions" got longer and longer.  Eventually the Email Special evolved into sometimes lengthy stories, about guitars, music, life (and the meaning thereof), and anything else that happened that week.

    Mostly, though, they are stories about my favorite topic, guitars!

    In 2006, based on a suggestion by my friend, the great Paul Buriak, I started this site, CarlsGuitarCorner.com, to house the Pittsburgh Guitars Email Special archives and post each week's new writing.  This site also contains an assortment of other interesting links.

    If you scan through the archives you'll learn more than you ever wanted to know about the history of the guitar, particularly the history of the electric guitar.  And hopefully you'll be entertained along the way.

    After running Pittsburgh Guitars for over three decades, I thought it might be nice to do some of those things I had been putting off for thirty years, so in late 2011 I sold Pittsburgh Guitars to a long-time employee, John the-new-guy.   John is having a great time with the store, and the business is doing well, so everyone is happy.  Stop in and say hello!

    Thanks for visiting Carls Guitar Corner.  Feel free to send any links, pictures, and stories of your own. I love talking about guitars! 

See ya soon,



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