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About This Site... Vintage Guitar Stories and More!

I love guitars! This site contains over ten years worth of guitar stories that were sent out to Pittsburgh Guitars customers as a weekly "Email Special." I sold the store and stopped sending my weekly "ramblings" in 2011 but even to this day I find myself regularly searching old Email Specials for guitar details, guitar photos and guitar histories.

I find it to be a valuable reference site. Click on the Email Special Stories button above, or use the search bar below to look for a particular guitar or brand. There is a lot of entertaining guitar history here!

(Note: The first few results will be Google Ads. Scroll down until you see www.carlsguitarcorner.com in the link. Thanks!)

Other Fun Music Stuff...

Did You Know These Were Actually Cover Tunes?

When I was a kid I thought Joan Jett wrote "I Love Rock And Roll." I thought The Rascals wrote "Good Lovin'." I thought The Rolling Stones wrote "The Last Time." (Well, that one's understandable because they claim to have written it....) Click on "These Are Cover Tunes???" for the original versions of classic hit records!

Pittsburgh Punk

I found a bunch of band gig flyers from 1978-79. Carsickness, The Rumhounds, The Swarm, and more... Remember Phase III in Swissvale? Vintage Band Posters.

Musicians With Guitars Drinking Wine

Musicians, wine and vintage guitars. This video series features rare, old guitars, along with a brief history of the models, conversation about music, guitars and the meaning of life, plus an original song about wine. Vintage Les Pauls, Martins, Silvertones, Kustom Guitars, and many more. Open a bottle and join us at Musicians With Guitars Drinking Wine.

O.W. Appleton

Many people think that Les Paul invented the electric guitar and designed the famous model that bears his name. Neither of those is true. He was a very talented performer and a long-time proponent of the electric guitar, but many other folks had a hand in the design of the solid body electric guitar. OWAppleton.com is dedicated to a little known musician, instructor and inventor from Burlington, Iowa, who built a single-cutaway, arch-top, solid-body electric guitar in 1941... eleven years before Gibson introduced the Les Paul Model. Here is the story of O.W. Appleton!

And more...

The Flashcats, Bogus Records, Bull Moose Jackson, Night Of The Singing Dead and Pittsburgh Guitars.

1952 telecaster

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